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A Joycean satirical solution to the Kennedy mystery, submitted to us at PINY by three independent researchers who wish to remain anonymous.

Now available here FREE in pdf.

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Now It Can Be Told

The real-life drama of the black Secret Service agent who dared to reveal the shocking truth about JFK’s protection detail in Dallas—and faced his greatest trial.

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From BOLDEN: THE UNTOLD STORY OF JFK’S ASSASSINATION “Model citizen.” “Doing one’s duty.” These are boring phrases. I know they make me sound like an old coot. But the world was built by boring old coots like me. And when our time comes to pass the torch to the next generation, we’d like to know that our work hasn’t been in vain. So we try to pass on as well what we’ve learned about the way of the world—sort of a user’s manual, you might say. And this is what we old coots have learned: Of all the tools you need to build a new world, a better world free from fear and injustice—a New Frontier, you might call it—the greatest tool is integrity. Integrity in your work, in your life, it’s the same thing. If you have a job, whatever it is, be proud of it. Don’t take advantage of the perks or power that job may offer you, but don’t whine either, just do that job and do it well and take pride in it. Because the future depends on it. Sometimes it means just running the trains on time. Sometimes it means educating a child who has no other way to raise himself from poverty. Sometimes it means saving the President of the United States. It’s integrity, my friends. Integrity is the enemy of corruption, and corruption is what’s been choking the life out of our country for as long as I can remember. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can fix this. Because we’re Americans, and I still believe in America.

A compilation of passionate writings from my music/sex/film blog on versatile BBC conductor John Wilson. Plus some additional writing not found on blog and direct links to music.

Available here FREE in pdf December 2020.

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Reprint of my blushingly candid, hilarious memoir of Hollywood mores, originally published 2012.

Now available here FREE in pdf

NEW! Excerpt (Chapter 8) now available here FREE in epub.

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A Poet from Hollywood small
From A POET FROM HOLLYWOOD: He was holding his Blackberry. “I think I’ve finally got a spare minute to call Jake and tell him how I did.”

“Yes, tell him all about it,” I said. Then, trying to suppress my soft and fuzzy feelings toward him, with all the vehemence I could muster I blurted out, “Tell him you did it all by yourself! Isn’t this what you wanted? You did it all by yourself! Are you happy now?”

Stephen laughed, an easy laugh this time. “Of course.”

“Great! Now I’ll never have to hear from you or see you ever, ever again.”

He bent down, put his hand on my shoulder and gave it a squeeze. “Oh no, my darling,” he said intimately, as if he were talking to a fellow conspirator, “this is just the beginning.” And off he trotted towards the nearest vestibule to make his call.

As I watched him leave, all my efforts, all my emotions of the past year started to overwhelm me. There hadn’t been a day in all that time when Stephen wasn’t in my thoughts and plans; there hardly had been a moment when I felt that Stephen’s hopes and dreams didn’t coincide with mine.

At that moment I understood how deeply, deeply I had fallen in love with the idiot. Here we were, both of us in middle age, discovering each other as we both were starting on our separate roads to self-discovery. I felt that we were somehow alike, that our minds matched. And there was something about his incompleteness that touched and fascinated me. In many ways being in love with him was deliriously wonderful. It was like being in an unpredictable world that held me in a strange enchantment. But it was also like drowning.

I was startled out of my reverie to find, of all people, Peter sitting directly on my right. Maggie was now talking with her mother and he had, I suppose, just for a change, moved several places down the table. With his head slightly cocked, his cheek resting on his hand, he was gazing at me with a dreamy look.

I leaned over and asked him more earnestly than I realized at the time, “Tell me, once you enter the Gyllenhaal circle, do you ever get your life back?”

Sighing contentedly, he said, “No.”

But I couldn’t share his contentment. I had to break the spell, I had to get my life back. If I didn’t, I’d go under and never come up again.

Reprint of my 2014 comic-romantic mystery novel, which was inspired by events and people in my memoir, A POET FROM HOLLYWOOD. 

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Cold Open

All available here free in epub throughout Summer 2020.

A Hole In the Fog (2002), Tales from the Last Resort (2001), and Descending Into Heaven (2003) are reprints. Quality Time (completed 2016) and Clarity: The Legend of Gil Hall (completed 2010) are new titles.

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