Observations from The Memetrix

  1. There is no bad energy or good energy. Energy = Energy.
  2. Energy can be directed anywhere with the will+heart+mind working together in absolute coordination.
  3. Most of human energy derives directly from the emotions.
  4. There are no negative or positive emotions. Emotions = Emotions.
  5. The purer forms of emotions can be converted to energy the most easily. Rage—and love.
  6. And nothing exercises the mind / body reflexes like fear.
  7. Even grief can release its proper share of energy.
  8. Everything else considered emotions—annoyedness, offendedness, resentment, jealousy, shame, guilt—are just wheel-spinning.
  9. Despair is not an emotion. It is a condition, which should be gotten out of as soon as possible. Being a condition of unemotion, it is unhuman. There are other conditions that turn a person unhuman, but this is the only one that comes from inside.
  10. It is best to try to stay human as long as possible.
  11. To do this, remember everything. Even the bad.

  1. There are three languages that are not verbally based: magic, music, and sex.
  2. Yet they are all languages that convey meaning with every utterance.
  3. Magic, music, and sex all involve the emotions.

(to be continued)

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