The Boys In November

Humoresque is an MGM 1946 melodrama with music (see list of pieces/songs on my blog), starring Joan Crawford and John Garfield. There’s a connection between this film and Golden Boy (Columbia 1939, Rouben Mamoulian director), that connection being the legendary leftist playwright-turned-screenwriter (think Barton Fink) Clifford Odets. Odets wrote the melodrama Golden Boy which played Broadway in 1937, and sold the film rights to Hollywood to raise money for his own stage company in New York, the Group Theatre. I doubt if playwright ever met director in person — otherwise I’d add him to my list of 2-degree connections (see on my blog “Give a Girl a Break (MGM, 1952): The Movie That Clinches My 3-Degrees Connection to English Conductor John Wilson”) via my old boss, Mister M. But the Mamoulian-to-Odets-to-Humoresque connection is historical, while mine is…let’s say, more immediate, more emotional. Still, emotion requires an emoter; in Humoresque it was Joan Crawford.

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